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Bullitt from has a stable place in the history of the world. Bringing progress and renaissance to the stagnant cargo bike market, it immediately became a world legend. All the other cargo bikes since then want to be like Bullitt but nobody has done it yet. Managers from the Danish company Larry vs Harry brought modern elements and creative design to the classic Long John frame and Bullitt was created. Solid aluminum frame at key points reinforced with steel reinforcement. Rear 26´´ and front 20´´ wheel. Cargo space of dimensions 710x466mm. Total load 180kg (including rider). The handlebars are height adjustable so that the bike can be adjusted to any rider height. It is surprisingly fast and easy to use. After 5 minutes, a 10 year old boy and a 70 year old gentleman can do it. There are 9 frame colors, 5 different component sets, 3 electric motor variants and a variety of accessories. Bullitt can easily carry 2 children or one adult, a large purchase, two beer barrels, a full box of shipments for delivery, or anything you can think of. Bullitt is what changes your life and you really want it! Bullitt will love you, your children, your girlfriend and believe that your grandmother will take her once.

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Express courier services.
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Express courier services.

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